I am reviewing the action thriller Homefront which is a very good movie. It stars Jason Statham & James Franco who are both great as well as Winona Ryder & Kate Bosworth who co star. James probably gives the best performance in the film as a thoroughly nasty baddie. The script is by Sylvester Stallone who I think is quite an under rated scriptwriter as well as under rated director. Just look at all the success he had with films he wrote and directed like much of the Rocky series. Anyway the plot to this film is a boy with learning difficulties is bullying or trying to bully Jason’s daughter and she beats him up. When Jason is called to the school there is a bit of a fight between Jason and the boy’s parents. They are determined to get even with him. The boy’s mother has a brother played by Franco who finds out that Jason is an undercover cop and gets in touch with the gang that had some of their members put away by him with a view to getting him killed. Winona is used to get in touch with them. Anyway in the meantime James burgles Jason’s house and then out of revenge Jason tries to destroy James’ meth lab and apparently James has been trying to deal with the gang to get his drugs distributed by them. Anyway the gang pounce on Jason and his daughter and a huge battle ensues with Winona kidnapping the daughter and there is also a huge battle to try and save her. I think this film which at the end of the day is about the battles between parents when something like bullying or fighting occurs is an important one. There is a happy ending and I really enjoyed this film which is surely one of Statham’s best.


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