Posted: April 5, 2013 in books, fantasy, fiction, nome, terry pratchett
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The novel I am reviewing is Nation by Pratchett which is a very good fantasy novel which I bought from kindle. This is the final installment in the Nome trilogy. The plot is there are some creatures called Nomes obviously based on Gnomes that are trapped in 18th century Britain. They’re trying to get home and embark on a trip to Florida on the Cutty Wren obviously based on the Cutty Sark. There home apparently is so high up there’s no such thing as up. Often Terry sacrifices logic for humour. Apparently he is the most popular living British author. I think Thud which is part of the Discworld series is his best book & that has also got a review on this site. A famous thing about him is he has some venus fly traps which are carnivorous plants that he mentioned in the About Author page of some of his books. He is also quite a charismatic character who dresses a bit like a wizard which must help account for some of his success. There is a happy ending to this novel although they don’t get home.

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