The book I read to review is 14th Deadly Sin by James Patterson et al which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is currently doing well on the British Hardback Bestseller Chart. It is also the latest in the Womens Murder Club series. It does have as many murders as a lot of the other books. There is somebody murdering all the women born on a certain date and that includes on of the members of the club. There is also a separate series of rapes and one of murder where innocent people were wrongfully convicted. At the end also there is an ending where much needed information is only known by a hospitalized cop who is expected to die shortly. There is also a security analyst made redundant from Homeland Security who gets a job working with one of the club and I think could start something romantic with her in the future. The innocent people convicted are released one after 20 years. On the whole it is an interesting story retaining Lindsay as key character. Also Yuki the District Attorney is offered a new job. I enjoyed it and do recommend it. I have to admit though probably not one of the stronger books in the series.  It is also around 350 so a decent length.

I am reviewing the procedural thriller Dead Man’s Grip by Peter James which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. This is part of the Detective Superintendant Roy Grace series. It is around 500 pages so is a decent length. It is a tale about organised crime and the mafia. There is a road accident involving a lorry. Apparently there was a car with stolen number plates present that had hollowed out books containg sensitive regarding the mafia. They don’t which car it was so have to kill everyone present at the accident to get the right person over a period of time. A lady present at the accident called Carly has to go into police protection for her own safety. Roy has to oversee it and solve the case. The mafia doesn’t mess around with killing the victims in gruesome fashion. Luckily one of the victims left a camcorder filming at the scene for his own protection that captures everything. The killer is also hot on the tale of Carly and if she thinks she is safe can think again. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it. It is perhaps an unusual thriller for a British one. Peter was educated at Charterhouse prior to working as a film producer before turning to writing. He did live in North America but now lives in Britain.

I am reviewing the historical fiction novel The Empty Throne by Bernard Cornwell which is a very good book that I bought from a local newsagents. This book is around 350 pages so is a decent length. It is a fictional account of history set in the kingdom of Mercia in Anglo Saxon when Athelstan died and was eventually replaced by his wife after several battles although she was never officially recognised as queen. It does feature Edward the Confessor and Alfred who were to become very successful kings in their own rights. Alfred of course was King of Wessex and both kings had designs on Mercia but weren’t to conquer just yet. When there was a battle it was common practice to leave just one of the losing enemy to spread the word of what had happened and fear to the surrounding area. They used a wall of shields and advanced slowly towards the enemy and believe me only the bravest had the determination to fight with many overcome with fear in the situation. Athelstan’s wife was more than a capable warrior. There was also regular incursions by the Vikings with many having settled in the Danelaw area where even today many place names have descended from there original norse names they were given. It is a novel I very much enjoyed and do recommend. Unlike many of the author’s books it is a standalone novel I think. It is also a bestseller currently doing well. Apparently Bernard is British and when he settled in America for a while couldn’t get a work permit so turned to writing.

I am reviewing the Royal Marine Blackwood Family novel Badge Of Glory by Douglas Reeman which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. This book is the first in the series. It is set in the 19th century and is about 2 members of the same family who are half brothers one a captain the other a private. The series follows their adventures. It starts with the Maori War in New Zealand and the Zulu War in Africa and moves on to the Crimean War. One of the Blackwoods has a relationship with the wife of an officer and he finds out and isn’t very happy obviously. Unlike some of the other books in the series it doesn’t end with a cliffhanger. This book is around 360 pages so is a decent length. It is quite an enjoyable read and I did enjoy it.It is the kind of novel that tries to celebrate the period when Britain had an empire. Douglas in real life worked in various jobs including on a torpedo boat during World War 2 and has an affinity with the sea that comes across in his novels. Many of his novels are set during World war 2 and are about the Royal Navy.

The book I read to research this post was Berlitz Pocket Guide To Oman which is a very good book that I bought from kindle. Oman is on the Arabian Gulf and is a small country taking in Aden. Oil was discovered in 1963 and it now is quite wealthy. There is a turtle nature reserve there with rare turtles with these only 1 in 1,000 that is born and goes into the sea comes back to breed. It is an area of great wealth and expensive buildings. The local currency is the bairu. It has a population of around 2.6 million and around 2 million are Arabs. It has a lot of foreign nationals working overseas. It is mostly hot and dry desert with the Arabian Desert being the largest continuous sandy desert in the world. Some of the area is built up with many fabulous buildings. This book is around 180 pages and is a reasonable length. There is several museums mostly linked to the Arab way of life and Islam. It is an interesting book and I did enjoy it.

I am reviewing the naval adventure Killing Ground by Douglas Reeman which is a very good novel that I bought from a car boot sale. This book is around 210 so is a reasonable length. This novel is set around 1943-4 close to the time Italy was liberated in World War 2. It follows the fortunes of a German crew and British crew aboard HMS Gladiator. They are patrolling the Antlantic protecting convoys and hunting down u-boats. In one scene they see smoke rising from the sea a sure sign of 2 u-boats. This is quite a realistic and gritty novel. Douglas did serve in the navy during World War 2 so is well qualified to write this. I think he does for the navy what Chris Ryan does for the SAS. The German captain is in charge of his first vessel. The British captain comes from Stepney in London and is battle hardened. Protecting certainly from the Allied point of view was a thankless job with the u-boats being very elusive. They would often pick one ship off after another. I enjoyed reading this book and do recommend it. This book was published in 1991.

I am reviewing the World War 2 naval drama In Danger’s Hour by Douglas Reeman which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. This novel follows the period from 1943 to Operation Neptune the liberation of Italy. It follows the Rob Roy a a naval minesweeper built mostly of aluminium and used to destroy mines by whatever means are necessary. I know the crews on minesweepers aren’t allowed to bring anything metal on board for fear of setting off the mines and it is a very risky job. Douglas writes books about the navy and worked for them during World War 2. This book was published in 1991 and is around 200 pages so a reasonable length. A minesweeper called Fawn is lost early on in the story and on the Rob Roy it mostly follows the experiences of a young officer with his first placement aboard the ship. The work gets steadily more and more risky with the ship being badly damaged and needing to be towed by another ship and abandoned by the crew. It sums up that aspect of history rather well. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it.