I am reviewing the TV series True Blood season 7 which is very good. The first 5 seasons of True Blood were the best and this season despite still being rather good is a bit of an anti-climax. There is no satisfying ending as such. One of the baddies in it played by Anna Camp had been like a christian fanatic who hated vampires and she finds Buddhism until her yogi gets killed by the yakuza who are after her. Because she finds comfort in Buddhism you almost feel sorry for her and the very last scene is of her having been turned into a vampire and having the cure for Hepatitus-V in her blood vampires are paying $100,000 a time to drink her blood. As you probably know the series centres around the idea there is a synthetic blood being marketed that allows vampires to come out and lead normal lives. In season 6 the drink was impregnated with the virus ruining the company that manufactured it and there only hope is to catch Anna get the cure from her blood and synthesize and market it. Jason Stackhouse who is Sookie’s played by Anna Paquin’s brother is going out with the beautiful but deadly vampire Violet played by Karolyna Hydra and has had an affair and she is after revenge and I must admit I felt sorry for her. Also in this season they are teaming up one human with one vampire with everyone to prevent the spread of Hepatitus-V but many of the infected vampires are just killing anybody. One thing worth looking out for is when they are filming the advert for the new replacement product for TruBlood the director is played by Charlaine Harris in a cameo the author of the series of books this is based on. Sookie’s long time on and off lover Bill Compton dies of Hepatitus-V in the last episode. They have also said this will be the last season.

I am reviewing the film Ribbit which is a very good family movie. This movie stars Sean Astin & Tim Curry among its voice cast. The title comes from the croaking noise a frog makes. It was animated in Malaysia, India and Hong Kong. It has quite a charming script and the animation is rather good. The plot is there is a frog in the Amazon Rainforest who is made fun of by the animals except for a female squirrel who befriends him and they leave that part of the forest and seek somewhere else to live. The frog fantasizes he is a prince who needs a kiss from a princess to turn him into a prince. Of course there are few humans in the rainforest let alone princesses. They have an adventure with various things like a crocodile chasing them and go over a waterfall and find out his friend is actually a flying squirrel. She saves them when she discovers she can fly. They do eventually come across a tribal princess and a evil suitor intent on marrying her and then poisoning her to take over the tribe. Of course the animals help the princess and she does kiss the frog but I think it is a nice touch to the film that he doesn’t turn into a prince which would be rather predictable. The animals have other ideas and start treating him as if he is a prince. I did enjoy this film and do recommend it.

I am reviewing the children’s christmas fantasy film The Three Dogateers which is a good film. This film might be ideal for youngsters but adults will find it dire. It features 3 dogs that can supposed talk and are the 3 dogateers but the animation they done to make them talk is crap. Dean Cain who is most famous for playing Superman in a TV series has a small role in it. He does give a reasonable performance. The film is very much low budget with a scene with the dogateers talking to a supposed prairie dog and yet all we see is a hole with a spray of soil being churned up. They couldn’t even afford some kind of animated prairie dog. The plot is Dean has to go on a 14 hour drive to see an important client which is boss tells him at the last minute to do. He doesn’t walk or feed the poor dogs and when the house is burgled they are left to fend for themselves even more. The burglars find the dogs in the back of their van and dump them in the middle of nowhere where an irate dog catcher is eager to catch them. The dog catcher does give quite a nice performance. They are helped by santa claus who gets them back home and they do have to keep evading the dog catcher. The burglars also end up getting arrested and Dean postpones his sales presentation and feels guilty about the dogs when his girlfriend phones him and tells him she will be arriving earlier than expected to celebrate christmas. This film is just like a home movie even with an abysmally animated santa claus’s car flying at the end. I think very young children will enjoy this film but I think for the rest of us this film is about as welcome as a hole in the head.

I am reviewing the family film Nancy Drew starring Emma Roberts which is a very good film. The most outstanding thing is Emma’s performance as the lead character. The plot which is about some murdered actress and Nancy goes to live in her house with her father played by Tate Donovan, is a load of nonsense. It does end up with her finding the actress’s will and that leaves everything to her daughter. Her daughter is played by Rachel Leigh Cook. There is a bit of a tacked on ending with the daughter building a home for single mothers. I think this film is ideal for children but adults will just bored. Apparently Emma was nominated for several acting awards. I think her best performance to date although I probably haven’t seen all her films was in Scream 4. This film was made in 2007 and apparently she was signed up to do 2 sequels which were cancelled due to the films poor box office performance. The budget for the film was $20 million. Apparently when this was made Emma didn’t have driving licence so couldn’t do the driving scenes. Amanda Bynes was their original choice and I’m sure why she dropped out. Some years ago there was a combined Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew TV series which starred Pamela Sue Martin who was also quite good in the part. She later went on to star in the soap opera Dynasty. I enjoyed this film even though the script is terrible. I think I’d recommend it to entertain youngsters.

I am reviewing the science fiction novel The Perimeter by Shalini Boland which is a very good book that I read on kindle unlimited. This book is the 3rd and last part of the Outside series. It is set in Britain in the near future just after the Afghanistan War when in ┬áthe book the government becomes totalitarian and the army almost become gangsters. Shalini lives in Dorset which I think is probably why a lot of the story is set in and around Salisbury. The story does feature a religious sect based at the cathedral there and Liss escaped in the last book but FJ had been brainwashed and was the leaders right hand man. Again in this book each chapter follows a particular character, mostly Liss, Riley & Jamie. Liss has to go back into the religious sect to rescue others. Riley organizes the people in the compound where he lives with his parents into battle with the religious sect led by Father Grey. When they do finally have a battle like in a lot of post-apocalyptic novels bullets and weapons are scarce among the religious sect. Jamie joins the religious sect because he doesn’t know any better. He gets a lift off someone who notices he has a bad limp and the lady who treats him is a member of the sect. The book isn’t very graphic in keeping with many teen fiction books. It is around 400 pages so is quite a substantial length. I also did quite enjoy reading it and would recommend it. It’s quite reminiscent of the Hunger Games.

I am reviewing the teen fiction science fiction novel The Clearing by Shalini Boland which is an excellent book that I read at kindle unlimited. This is the 2nd book in the Outside series and continues the adventures of the 1st book. This book continues following the adventures of Riley who thinks he is responsible for the death of his younger sister and trying to evade his parents as well as the army. This book is set in the near future sometime after the war in Afghanistan where the government in Britain where it is set is totalitarian and there is martial law. The people are fenced into enclosures. The story also follows the adventures of Liss. A younger sister of Riley who is kidnapped and taken to a kind of prison camp where they dope the girls soup which is fed daily to keep them under control. She is tipped off about the soup so gets rid of it when nobody is looking. She is stuck there for several years and does end up being set to a part of the local cathedral managed by a vicar where there is some respite. Riley attempts to rescue his sister. The book does have an open ending that book 3 will obviously continue on from. Obviously being teen fiction there isn’t any graphic violence or sex. The book draws you into quite an exciting if a little unpleasant world. It is around 500 pages so is a substantial length. I did thoroughly enjoy it and would recommend it. I think it would make a good film.

I am reviewing the TV drama Breaking Bad season 3 which is excellent and stars Bryan Cranston. Bryan earned his 3rd Best Actor in a Drama Award Emmy in a row. Aaron Paul having been nominated the previous year won the Best Supporting Actor Emmy. The show has won various other awards. It is 13 episodes with there being hitmen after Bryan for the death of their cousin. Anna who plays his wife has discovered he is manufacturing drugs and left him. There has been an air crash after Aaron’s girlfriend died of a heroin overdose and her dad had time off work but worked as an air traffic controller and returned to work too soon resulting in him causing an air accident. Bryan gets lured into going back into making crystal-meth and on a somewhat larger scale by a crime boss who gives him a state of the art laboratory to make it. Initially Bryan has a different helper but brings Aaron in instead when there is an incident with his brother in law a DEA agent and he doesn’t want Aaron to sue him. The DEA agent almost arrests both of them but they get rid of him by getting someone to phone him anonymously and make out his wife has been in a car crash and is in hospital. It is a ruse for them to get away but he assaults Aaron. Previously Aaron had been making crystal-meth using Walt’s secret recipe which he wasn’t too happy about and they fell out. They both claimed they owed each other money. Bryan’s son doesn’t understand why his parents are getting divorced and resents it. The DEA agent gets badly injured when the gangster Bryan is working for offers him to the hitman as a sacrfice instead of Bryan who is working for them. Aaron discovers a young child assassinated one of the dealers working for him and is now in cohoots with 2 men selling that man’s drugs. Him and Bryan do assassinate the 2 men with Bryan running them over shooting them and telling Aaron to run. This is despite the gangster protecting them so they become wanted. Initially Bryan is still needed to manufacture crystal-meth but that job falls to the man the man who used to help him manufacture it and his only hope is for Aaron to shoot him which is the season finale. I thoroughly enjoyed this drama and would definitely recommend it.