I am reviewing the procedural thriller Malicious Intent by Kathryn Fox which is a very good novel that I bought from a car boot sale. This novel was published in 2001 and is around 460 pages so is a decent length. It is a bit like a Patricia Cornwell thriller in it deals with forensics. It is set in Sydney Australia though. The plot is people in desperate circumstances are being kidnapped, brainwashed and sent on suicide missions where they do things like stab people and end up fatally wounded themselves. It does say that although we often associate this with muslims they aren’t the only ones who do it. You just have to look at people like David Koresh and Waco. The story starts with a lady getting off a train and getting molested by a gang who is a rape cousellor herself. She gets in her car which has has the window smashed and been robbed. There is a man with a BMW that supposedly has had the same fate but they have taken the ignition and it won’t start. She gives him a lift but he is there to kidnap her. I think he does the brainwashing with a combination of drugs and hypnosis and drugs. Some of the drugs are delivered via a spiked tampon at least in one case. With a killer like this he can’t survive and is shot at the end. He also rapes at least some of the victims as part of their ordeal. I enjoyed this book and do recommend it.It is part of a series the Dr Anya Crighton series.

I am reviewing the thriller Live Wire by Stephen Leather which is a very good novel that I bought from a car boot sale. This book is part of the Sam Shepard series about a retired SAS soldier. The plot concerns a gang of robbers who raise money for a muslim terrorist group. Sam is tasked with infiltrating the gang and getting it closed down. He has another agenda in that he wants a share of a $ 20 million robbery and knows they daren’t prosecute him. The terror gang also plan on doing audacious bombings on a big scale. The book kicks off with a bank robbery where the security services tip off the bank to minimize casualties but know the robbery must go ahead so as not to compromise Sam.The robbers kidnap the bank managers family to ensure his co-operation. ┬áThe gang are based in Bangkok in Thailand and one member goes around beating nonces who for giving the place a bad name. There is a satisfactory ending with also Sam keeping some of the money from his work with the gang. This book is around 460 pages so is a decent length. It was published in 2009. I did enjoy it and do recommend it.

I am reviewing the thriller The Bombmaker by Stephen Leather which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. The plot to this novel is there is a lady terrorist bombmaker who is quite talented at it. She worked for the IRA until a bomb she made which was meant to cause damage rather that kill, does indeed kill a lot of people. The idea is the security services will have to do a controlled explosion giving them publicity but it will be the controlled explosion that does the damage minimizing bad publicity for the IRA. She retires and starts a family as a result and vows to turn her back on bombmaking. Years later her daughter is kidnapped and some terrorists with communist chinese connections want her to build a collossal 4,000 pound bomb which really will be devastating. She of course has to go with the terrorists to do this. Her husband tries to find her and they try to kill and make it look like an accident. He is arrested at one point for his own protection. He and the police set about finding his wife and daughter. Of course everything does work out well and Deng the terrorist leader gets his comeuppance as his usefulness to the terrorists ends once the attack is foiled. The book is around 400 pages so a decent length. I did enjoy it and do recommend it.

I am reviewing the adventure novel The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler et al which is a very good novel that I bought from a local bookstore. This novel is set in the 1930’s and is part of the Isaac Bell series about a private eye working for the Van Dorn Detective Agency. There was the prohibition at this time when alcohol was banned and organised crime was at its peak in America with drink being smuggled in and gangsters running drinking dens. The boss of Van Dorn is badly wounded in a shoot out involving drink being smuggled in by boat and Bell has to take over the helm at the agency. The man who shoots the boss is apprehended albet with a broken jaw given by Bell. He gets sent to hospital and escapes much to the police’s embarassment. The coastguard are equally embarassed by the shoot out at sea and neither seem very co-operative in helping Van Dorn. It all involves Russian Mafia gang the gophers based around Hell’s District in New York. This is quite an exciting adventure and does have a big shoot out at the end and the baddies do get their comeuppance. The book is around 450 pages so is a decent length. It has only recently been released in papeback in Britain. It is doing well in the bestseller chart. I did enjoy reading it and do recommend it. I think this is one of the better books in the series.


I am reviewing the coming of age drama A Painted House by John Grisham which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. This story is about a young boy growing up on a cotton plantation in Arkansas. It’s well after the Civil War in the 1950’s so there are no slaves just workers but they aren’t that better off. His best friend is lieaving school and faces the draft to fight in Korea. He is fed up with school. There is also a death when a supervisor tries to treat the a worker unfairly and 2 others come to his aid. They also have to paint the unpainted house they live in. This seems illogical to the young lad when they should be bringing in the crops. They have neither the time or money to spend on decorating. Also a family of relatives come from Mississippi to Arkansas to live and need their help. There is also a battle between Grunt who is deaf and dumb and weighs 300 pounds and a wrestler who wants to take on any member of the public at the circus for a fee of course.This book is around 450 pages so is a decent length. It is quite a nice story regarded by some as one of Grisham’s best. I did enjoy it and do recommend it.


I am reviewing the thriller Tango One which is a very good novel that I bought from a car boot sale. This is an organized crime kind of thriller with 3 undercover cops trying to bring a gangster called Donovan to justice. Each of the 3 are crooks who have since reformed and joined the police. One is a stripper, the other an art theif and the other a thug with lots of contacts in the underworld. It is very much setting a crook to catch a crook. The crooks are mostly plying drugs for a living. They have to watch there assets don’t get seized as illegal gotten gains or drug money. They do have because they are wealth things like secret compartments in their houses. When Tina the ex stripper is first asked to go undercover she assumes she has to sleep with him so refuses initially but she just has to act as his girlfriend. Donovan’s wife also has had affairs and has left him so he is after her for revenge. The crooks do get their comeuppance at the end. Partly because the undercover cops use their real names and have each got a bit of a past the crooks think they are genuine. Somebody from Mi6 though has his own agenda and will gladly sacrifice all three. This book is around 490 pages so is a decent length. I do also recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was No Place Like Home by Steven Primrose-Smith which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. Steven had acute high blood pressure and at one stage ended up in hospital and lost loads of weight. He subsequently went on a high calorie diet to regain the lost weight gaining an extra 2 stone of additional weight in the process. Whilst in hospital and in between doing course work for his universty courses he planned a cycling trip taking in most of Europe’s capital cities. He wrote this book about it. He didn’t cycle in the winter months due to the potentially adverse road conditions. It took him around 3 years with him having to start off where he left off each time. This book is around 350 pages so is a decent length. He had expected his tires on his bike to wear out but the entire wheels disintegrated several from the journey which was around 22,000 miles. In Holland they have an amasing cycles only network and even older people get around on bicycle. It would certainly put the simple cycle track network in Britain to shame. He visited quite a few of the very tiny countries like Luxembourg and San Marino. He also took in much of Eastern Europe and to his surprise he was expecting detailed border checks at the Russian border but was merely waved through although he did have to show them his passport. I did enjoy this book and do recommend it.