I am reviewing the gangster thriller novel Sins And Secrets by Jessica Sorensen which is a very good book that I read on kindle unlimited. This book is the first installment in the Sins series and is actually 2 books rolled into one with one being as a promo. There is around 250 pages altogether so it is a decent. Despite it being a gangster romance it isn’t that different to a lot of Jessica’s books and there is a certain fantasy element to it. The plot is there is a young lady whose father is a mafia boss and mother an ex-escort whom her father fell in love with and married. Her mother suspects someone else maybe her father and she only finds this out by accident. Her mother died when she was twelve and the lad she had a close friendship with and his parents are also dons stops seeing her on that day. Years later her father owes a debt and she has to assassinate a crime boss which is the only way it can be paid. The don she killed has his henchmen after her and she has to go on the run and be a secretary by day and an escort by night. Also the one she had a close relationship with and by now presumed dead is alive and they rekindle their relationship and get romantically involved. The owner of the escort agency also discovers her real identity and blackmails her. She also finds out her now boyfriend’s family were connected to her mother’s death which she thought was a heart attack. Her and her boyfriend are a bit like Bonnie and Clyde but on the run from the mafia. This book is probably aimed at an older audience than Jessica’s other books which are generally teen fiction. I did really enjoy this book and of course recommend it. The story tends to tug on the heart strings and you almost want to be one of the couple who are on the run. It is a nice read.

I am reviewing the novel Deluge by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough which is a very good book that I bought from a local secondhand bookstore. This book is around 220 pages so is a reasonable length. It is the 3rd installment in the Twins Of Petaybee series. This series continues the story from a previous trilogy the authors wrote together. The plot is the sea otter twins which are a terraforming couple who can take a form that is perfectly adapted to living in the sea or human form are wanted people. Soldiers are sent to clear the villages and find them. They were tipped off and have got away along with the villagers. The soldiers destroy the settlements. The twins go to a town where the air is dense and moist so have to remain in aquatic form but can swim in the air. The soldiers continue to pursue them. They then go further out to sea where dead convicts are chained and thrown in the trench and devoured by giant squid. The twins are potential prey to sharks and giant squid. There is a nearby prison where the dead convicts are being transported from. The twins DNA isn’t locked which enables to change form. The villagers now have little possessions and a uphill struggle surviving. I think from her era Anne was one of the more original science fiction and fantasy novel writers. This is quite an enjoyable book. I have a friend who in his youth read loads of books by Anne and was a massive fan. You don’t come across her books very often which is a bit of a shame. I think she is an author who deserves more success. There is some posts on other books by her on this site.

The book I read to research this post was Killarney And The Ring Of Kerry by Andy Frazier which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book is around 40 pages so is quite short. Kerry is in the west of Ireland and the county town is Killarney. It is a bit of a tourist destination especially with it’s countryside and the Ring of Kerry which is a group of mountains is a trip of a 110 miles around. Trips are still done especially by coach. It is well served by Kerry International Airport & Shannon International Airport is only a 1 hour drive. There is a railway station at Killarney which is well served by trains from Cork and Dublin. Killarney is the most commercial town in the area with a bustling shopping centre. Apparently in 17th Century Oliver Cromwell and his men were here and were looking for livestock to slaughter and eat because they were hungry. One of the sheep ran off and took sanctuary by the river and one of the locals noticed it and thought there flocks must be in danger. The towns people then rescued most of there livestock and hold a fair every year as a way of saying thank you. Guinness which is almost the national drink is brewed in Ireland and the local product is said to be smoother than that elsewhere. Near Killarney is an ancient stone circle dating from 2,000 BC. Food generally consists of lots of potatoes mixed with meat or fish. Specialities include irish stew which usually has lamb or mutton although traditionally it should have goat. Potatoe Coddle is mostly potato, bread and sausage and very fattening. Some people make a potato coddle with bread, chips and sausage which of course can be bought at a chip shop and made up. I did quite enjoy this book which I do recommend.


I am reviewing the horror novel Death Day by Shaun Hutson which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. This book is around 380 pages so is a decent length and is quite an early novel published by Hutson in 1987. It is a novel he wrote and sent to every possible publisher to try and get a publishing deal. Many of the themes in the book were explored more in later books. Things like a giant slug, witchcraft and a amulet that dooms the wearer. I don’t think it is one of his better books and is a bit rough around the edges. The plot is 400 years ago a lady was tortured and killed for witchcraft for the sake of an amulet. 400 years later a workman finds it and chaos ensues. People die gruesome deaths and some grave diggers find a giant slug which they attack with an axe and pick axe until it bursts. All the people in the town are either killed or flee leaving the police to clean up the mess. They discover a serial killers house who has links to the amulet. Also the police inspector asks a reporter to suppress the story until they at least know what is going on and the reporter doesn’t explain what is going on he does print a story which does cause some panic. A dog left outside is killed by giant rats. The idea of animals becoming genetically different and attacking people was probably told better in Slugs also by Hutson and that spawned a film. I quite enjoyed this book and would recommend but probably maybe only if you see it going cheap somewhere. I bought it for 50p so I think I got a bit of a bargain.

The book I read to research this post was This Is Me by Danny Wilks which is a very good book that I read on kindle unlimited. This is a kind of half memoir/half travel guide about a young lad who was really into kayaking and self taught and starting with him canoeing to work in Scotland went on to kayak over 1,000 miles from Vancouver to Alaska. He explored many of the islands that coastline is dotted with en route. This book is only around 60 pages so is quite short. Apparently the longest thing Danny had written prior to this was about 500 words but he felt this story had to be told. He brings a lot of warmth and humor to the story and it makes you think if he can do it so can others of us. He initially visited Newfoundland where he got free boarding in exchange for working for 4-5 hours 5 days a week on a farm. This arrangement allowed him to have a very cheap holiday. At the one place he explored there were reports of a 9 foot long cougar. He flew to Toronto and then hitchhiked to Vancouver I think. He had the same arrangement there with his board and lodging. He hired a kayak to do the long expedition and had to fish to survive. At one point he caught a 15 pound salmon which came in handy for a few days. There are many tiny little islands in that area. Somebody did warn him there was a 15 foot great white shark in that area and he knew they did tend to be found there. He of course did fear coming face to face with it. He also encountered wolves and bears. They claim a bear hit in the privates with an extendible truncheon according to him but if you were that close it would probably rip your head off before you got the chance to do that. Apparently the wolves in North America aren’t known to have ever killed a human being. Although as he says if they ate you there probably wouldn’t be any trace anyway. He does see sea lions at close quarters and they are both equally afraid of each other. He is also amazed how big they are close up. I did enjoy reading this book which is probably more anecdotal than informative. It’s a fine book that I’d recommend all the same. It’s also the current top selling kindle unlimited Canadian travel e-book at the moment.


I am reviewing the horror novel Victims by Shaun Hutson which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. The premise to this book is that victims aren’t chosen at random and they give subtle signs at an unconscious level that more or less designate them as such. I’d argue everyone is a victim of one sort or another from time to time so it only works on that line at a general level. This isn’t one of Hutson’s best novels but is interesting nonetheless. The plot is a movie special effects man is blinded in an accident involving charges in a theatrical shotgun going off at the wrong moment. He subsequently has an eye transplant enabling him to see but the previous owner was a murder and he starts seeing auras around potential victims. The first one is one of the nurses at the hospital where they do the operation. She is subsequently beaten to death. He gradually sees these auras around more and more people and each time they become a victim of a violent crime. The man doing the crimes is a serial killer killing people in a brutal fashion. The special effects mans partner starts getting messages from this murderer demanding money and he realizes they are likely to become victims themselves. Of course they have no choice but to try and trap him. By the end of the book he is back working once again as a special effects person on a film. I quite enjoyed reading this book and found quite interesting and I think would recommend it. If you get a choice I think I suggest read Nemesis also by Hutson and his best book and also reviewed on this site.

I am reviewing the urban fantasy novel Cinder by Jessica Sorensen which is a very good novel that I read at kindle unlimited. This is part of the death collectors series about a war between the angels and grim reapers. This book is around 370 pages so is a decent length. ¬†Ember is the key character and is half angel and half grim reaper although she is on the angel’s side. In the previous installment although I haven’t got around to reading it apparently she lost her lover Asher whom she does get back in this story. She isn’t sure if it’s a trick by the reapers. She does meet her mother too who has been claimed by the reapers and has an x on her forehead. She inadvertently kills someone she mistakes for a reaper and already the town thinks she is a murderess for her deeds in the previous book. The humans become possessed by the reapers and start looting the town. It is set in a quiet town in the middle of nowhere. Jessica does write these kind of urban fantasies often featuring people like like vampires and angels etc. I quite enjoyed it but there could have done with a bit more happening in the book. I think I’d recommend it. Jessica is from Wyoming, USA. and I think must do quite well from these books because she has written quite a lot and is one of my favorite authors of this type of fiction. I think this book isn’t one of her best though.