I am reviewing the horror novel Erebus by Shaun Hutson which is an excellent novel that I bought from a car boot sale. The main scenes in the book are based around the fictious towns of Wakely and Arkham. There is a chemical plant that makes animal feed. This animal feed has a kind of virus that prevents its host producing iron. The book starts with a mare savaging a foal and that is the thing because they have a haem defficiency they have a craving for raw meat. This is contrasted with the brutality of the slaughterhouse. A bolt is fired into the heads of livestock in supposedly humane killing. The virus spreads to people who start by eating lots of red meat and gradually turn into cannibals. Apparently this haem defficiency is a proper illness often blamed for vampires. The police and then the army have to move into the area and seal it off as chaos takes over. The chemical plant perhaps justifiably gets destroyed at the end. The victims also undergo huge weight gain and in the case of the animals come up in huge growths. I think in this age of worrying about what we eat this book is quite apt. It was written in 1984 and is around 300 pages so is a pretty decent length. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and of course recommend it. Shaun has apparently written books in other genres under 9 different pseudynoms. He has done a really good job of this book.

I am reviewing the thriller The Magpies by Mark Edwards which is a very good book that I read at kindle unlimited. This is quite an accomplished thriller that was written and promoted by Mark and topped the Thrillers Chart on kindle for 3 months. The plot starts with a young lady who has moved somewhere else to escape the problems that comprise the story. The title comes from the fact the couple who are the murderers burn down people’s houses and magpies similarly destroy bird’s nests. A couple move into a house in London and discover their neighbour is interested in the occult when they accidently open a box of books destined for her. She is getting harrassed over her interest. Two of their friends after a romantic liaison in Waterstone’s bookstore start going out together. One of their friends is badly injured in a go kart accident and ends up in a coma but recovers. The key character gets pregnant but loses her baby and is devastated and moves elsewhere to escape the experience. Her husband gets accused of spreading viruses at work and almost loses his job. They find out two of their friends have been murdering people and committing arson and they lay a trap which results in the loss of the house. The husband believes in karma that when something goes right it is counterbalanced by something going wrong and this is the main theme to this book. It is a good story and I did quite enjoy reading this book. I think I’d recommend it. Mark is a kind of self employed author although he might have a publishing contract by now and I think that makes the fact he topped the Thrillers Chart all the more impressive. I am British and it is nice reading a book set in this country. I think this book is widely regarded as Mark’s best.

I am reviewing the tv series Falling Skies Season 4 which is an excellent science fiction series. The series is about an alien invasion of Earth and the aftermath. Even the pilot was filmed after the invasion as they thought it would be too much like series like V. The series stars Noah Wyle, Moon Bloodgood and Will Patton. In this season there is a new character played by Mira Sorvino who plays a lady with a pill problem who embraces the cause of the rebels and sees an alternative to her dependency. She also becomes very close to one of the rebels John Pope. Will plays a retired US army captain and leader of the resistance. Noah the main star of the series plays an ex history professor and 2nd in command of the resistance. Moon plays a doctor and his wife. A couple of characters introduced in the 3rd season are cochise a friendly alien and Lexi who is their daughter and some claim a prophet. The aliens do tend to leave where Lexi is alone and she has alien DNA. In the 3rd season the rebels thought Charleston was a safe haven but it was a trap. Will’s son was captured by the aliens and they tried to indoctrinate him into a kind of Hitler Youth. In this the rebels rescue him. Lexi although worshipped by the people goes in a coccoon and when she comes out has funny colored eyes and sides with the aliens. The aliens try to kill her but she escapes and with their training is more powerful than ever. The rebels decide they must destroy the alien powerbase on the Moon which controls the Mechs alien robots. Steven Speilberg who has a lot of influence on this series is an executive producer and the series creator is writer Robert Rodat who also scripted Saving Private Ryan which was directed by Speilberg. Noah was 1st choice for that film but had contractual difficulties but they both very much wanted him to star in this. The aliens do capture people and turn them into alien creatures and use them to kill rebels. It is a fairly gruesome series but the story is compulsive viewing. There are also lots of references to historical battles and techniques used in those battles which are quite interesting. I did thoroughly enjoy this series and of course recommend it.



I am reviewing the travel memoir Kevin And I In India by Frank Kusy which is an excellent book that I read at kindle unlimited. This book did well on the Bestseller Chart in the UK in 1986 and has been re-released because the author has written a book called Rupi Millionaires and though having people read this book would help to promote it. This book is really well written and very funny. It is about a tour of India undertaken by Kevin and Frank in 1985 and the book was originally published in 1986. It has around 220 pages I think so is a decent length. The depiction of India is hilarious with anybody who reads thinking well sooner them than me in that situation. They didn’t have much money so had to do everything on the cheap including travelling by coach and 3rd class rail. The food was mostly atrocious. On one occasion they are served fish and chips with the fish being burnt to a crisp and a minute portion of chips. The cars or rather the motorized rickshaws are frequently driven in the lane with oncoming traffic to the extent you which lane is for which direction of traffic. You take your life in your hands crossing the road. Cars frequently have shredded rubber tyres never mind bold tyres. I should hope especially with all the foreign investment in their country things have improved since the 80’s. On another occasion they hire a fishing vessel to take them to Sri Lanka and their hosts turn back because they they are trying to get more money out of them. They travel all over India and to Nepal. I did really enjoy this book and would love to review Rupee Millionaires which I will do soon. Of course I recommend this book.

I am reviewing the horror novel Nemesis by Shaun Hutson which is an excellent book that I bought from a car boot sale. This is probably my favorite Hutson novel and one of the more violent ones. The plot centres around a teacher who had an affair with a younger secretary from the same school. On one occasion he saw his mistress and his daughter who was being looked after by a baby sitter was murdered along with the carer. When his wife finds out about the affair she blames him for the daughters death. The police know who one of the murderers are but can’t prove it and tell him. He goes after the culprit only to see him fall under a train before he can kill him. In the meantime his wife undergoes a controvertial new treatment in order to have a baby despite having severed fallopian tubes which should make it impossible. The husbands sister has had the same treatment and had a child. The husband notices the people who have this treatment seem to have psychopathic children. He is also offered a job at a new school the doctor has arranged. The surviving murderer who mistakenly thinks the teacher has killed his accomplice comes after him and his wife. The doctor is murdering people in order for donors for his treatment. The treatment was invented by his father during World War 2 and then shut down personally by Churchill. It is a hell of a good story perhaps rather sick but brilliantly plotted. I did really enjoy this book and would definitely recommend it. The violence is rather gruesome so not for the squeamish.

I am reviewing the horror novel Heathen by Shaun Hutson which is a very good book that I bought from a car boot sale. The plot to this book is 2 authors a man and a woman are killed when the brakes fail on the car they are travelling in. The police think it was an accident. The man was married and because his credit cards were found in the ladies handbag it is assumed he was having an affair. He was having another affair with someone else too which we find out later in the story. He did investigative reporting and was onto a huge story about the Sons Of Midnight a black magic organization with many prominent members in places like government. His wife comes into possession of a grimoire a kind of black magic book of spells and the group will do anything to get it back. She is in a dilemma because no newspaper will touch the story even if she gets evidence he was murdered. I did enjoy this book and it is around 400 pages so is a good length. I of course would recommend it.

I am reviewing the book A Sea Of Shields by Morgan Rice which is an excellent fantasy adventure that I read on kindle unlimited. This book is the 10th installment in the Sorcerer’s Ring series which contains 15 books. It is around 320 pages so is a decent length. Also it is quite violent so might not be suitable for young children though could probably be read by teens. The plot covers the story from several people’s perspectives with each chapter being one person’s story per chapter. I haven’t read the other books in the series but judging by this will do. The story in this book is Prince Reece is in love with Stara from an enemy house who does requite his love but marriage initially seems impossible. He is betrothed to another and must obey because he took an oath. Unknown to him someone is going to murder the bride to be and another person is going to present love letters sent between Reece and Stara and although well in the past make out they are currently having an affair. Reece is determined to kill the murderer. If he marries Stara a man in prison stands to get out and be given land and a title so has a vested interest. There is a lady who dies in child birth at the beginning and the sorcerer’s ring with it’s power is passed on to someone else. The MacGils are still at war and fighting ¬†on two fronts simultaneously. I really enjoyed this book and it is well written and keeps your interest throughout. Of course I recommend it.